When you get the Auk Start kit, it includes enough coconut soil for all six pots. Coconut soil is not the same as traditional soil; it is actually leftovers from coconut production. These shells are organic and a surplus that would otherwise be thrown away. Pretty cool, right?


The coconut soil also has some significant advantages when it comes to cultivating:

- It’s free from any nutrients, bugs and bacteria, which are often found in traditional soil

- It absorbs water very well

- It provides a lot of oxygen to the roots of the plants, which makes the plants grow faster


This makes it an excellent growing medium for Auk. In theory, you can use any soil you want but we would highly recommend using coconut soil for the best result possible.


When to change the coconut coir?

Every time you want to plant new seeds in your Auk (see how to do this here), we recommend changing the coconut coir; you don’t want old roots and plant material to get in the way of your new plants. You’ll find coconut soil available in our online store.