Your Auk can go dry if the temperature quickly gets warm, or the plants grow fast. If this happens, lift a pot and pour 1.5 cups (300-400 ml) of water directly into the baseplate. This will make your Auk recover and water normally again.

If some plants go dry, pour some water (about a glass) into the baseplate, and your Auk will recover.


Background: Your Auk checks how dry it is every time it waters to estimate how much water your plants need. This check is very accurate, but sometimes it can make the wrong predictions. If it's wrong multiple times, the soil can go dry. 

After you pour in some water, your Auk will recover and take care of itself again. It just needs a little help sometimes :)

NB: Avoid placing your Auk on a metal surface/table, as the metal will interfere with the moisture sensor and increase the likelihood of your Auk making wrong predictions - and subsequently go dry.

If none of the tips above works, your Auk has (most likely) a mechanical problem. If so, contact us at and we'll assist!