If you want to replace some of the plants in your Auk and keep the other ones, you can follow these steps (we recommend a minimum of two at the same time):

Change the coconut soil and sow your new seeds:

We recommend changing the coconut soil when you’re starting a new crop, as old plant material and roots can get in the way of new growth. Just throw away the old soil and clean the pots with some soap and water (the dishwasher should be safe as well if you prefer that) before you add the new coco coir and sow the seeds. You can get more coconut soil here.

Have a look at this article for tips on how to sow your seeds for the best result :)

Make sure the new crops get enough light:

For the new plants to grow large and lush, they must get enough light. We recommend that you place the new pots directly below the plant light, as shown here:


You should also make sure that the other plants don’t throw a shadow over the new pots. If needed, you can trim or thin out the bigger plants.

When you’re done with this you should adjust the plant phase on your Auk one down from what it currently is (eg. from phase 5 to phase 4 if you've replaced two pots). You can do this by pushing the button of the phase you want to change to for 5 seconds.

If the soil of the bigger plants gets a bit dry during this period, you could water them manually - just pour 1-2 dl directly into the dry pots.

Good luck with your new crops! :)