You don’t have to use the buttons too often, but here’s an overview of the user interface:


Plant chip reader:

This is where you place the plant chip containing the plant program. The plant program is built upon a lot of parameters telling the Auk which conditions the plants need:
  • Nutrition: When to dispense what kind of nutrition (e.g. the mix of nutrients varies with the size of the plant)

  • Light: What kind of light the plant needs in different stages of its life. The light affects how the plant is growing, e.g. the red light is empowering flowering, and the white light you get in the early phases promotes stem growth, giving you a sturdy plant.

  • Parameters for the watering algorithm and more

As of now, we have two plant programs:

  • “Herbs & salads” (the green chip), for green plants where you eat the plant itself

  • “Chili & tomato” (the red chip), for plants that bear fruits

These programs cover most plants, but we’ll develop more specialized programs in the future.



Moisture indicator:

The moisture indicator counts down to the next watering, from 4 blue lights to one blue light. When the Auk is watering, you’ll see all the blue lights going in a wave up and down. 



Plant phases:

This shows which growth phase the plants are currently at. Auk will take care of changing phases as your plants grow, but you can change the phase manually by holding the button of the phase you want for about 5 seconds.



Nutrition capsule:

This light will be blinking red when it's time to change your nutrition capsules. Remove the water tank, change the empty capsules, and hold the button for 2 seconds to confirm the change. Learn more about how you change the nutrition capsules.



Plant light:

This is on when the plant light is on and off when the plant light is off.


Press the button once to turn off the light (twice if you have the new version, delivered after May 22):

If you turn the light off, it will stay dark until the next cycle starts. If you turn the light off when you go to bed at night (but before it turns off automatically), it will stay off until it’s supposed to turn on in the morning.


Press and hold the button for five seconds to set/reset the light cycle:

To adjust the schedule for when the plant light is on, you need to press and hold the plant light button for 5 seconds. The plant light will then turn on at that time every day.

When your Auk is in the first plant phase, the light will be on for 12 hours and then off for the following 12 hours.

In phases 2-5, the light is on for 16 hours and off for 8 hours. If you reset the light cycle at 7 am, the light will turn on at 8 am every day and stay on until 11 pm.

You can reset the light cycle again any time you’d like :)