Almost anything that sprouts and grows! Auk is an open system where you can sow seeds, use cuttings, transplant store-bought plants, and much more. We encourage experimentation!

The best plants to grow in Auk are annuals – plants that complete their life cycle, from germination to the production of seeds, within one growing season.

Large plants are often impractical because they grow beyond the light, so for plants like tomatoes and chili, the dwarf varieties that we sell in the online store are best suited for Auk.

Seasonal plants that need both summer and winter to flower are not as suitable for indoor growing (such as blueberries and regular strawberries). Still, it’s possible to grow them if you simulate a winter for the plant.


Alternative 1 - Sowing seeds

You can find our Auk certified seeds in the online store.  We’ve tested them and found that they work well, but you can also use your own seeds or seeds from other suppliers.

On the back of the seed packets, you'll find useful tips for sowing.


Alternative 2 - Planting cuttings

You can also kickstart your cultivation by using cuttings. Watch a video of it here.  Cuttings are cut-off parts of another plant, which you can plant directly into the soil.

Tips for successful cuttings:

  1. Remove large leaves, leaving only small ones on the cuttings.
  2. Place the plant deep into the soil.
  3. Make sure it's moist; you can pour some extra water around the cuttings.
  4. Turn off the light for the first few days. Cuttings might dry out if they get too much light at the start, as they take time to make new roots.


Alternative 3 - Transplanting store-bought plants

You can transplant other plants into Auk pots, like potted herbs from the store.

  1. Take the plant out of its pot. Tip: cut open the plastic and protect the roots as much as possible.
  2. Put it into an Auk pot. If it’s tricky to fit, either squeeze the soil together or break it up.
  3. Add some coconut soil if there is space in the pot. This will make sure the soil gets in contact with water in the baseplate (which is necessary for absorbing water).
  4. Set the Auk to phase 5.

At first, the store-bought herbs might "collapse" from the shock of being transplanted, but it will recover.

An Auk with store-bought plants. Store-bought plants are often made to grow quickly and aren’t always as strong. But generally, it works well!

Again, we recommend experimenting, as that’s a big part of the joy of Auk!

Remember to use the correct plant program for each plant. Plants where you eat the leaves and stems, like basil or arugula, are suitable for the herb & salad program. Plants where you eat the fruit are suitable for the tomato & chili program.