In short:

Press the light button for 5 seconds, until the light turns off and then on again, to set the light cycle.

Tip: Reset the light when you wake up in the morning, and your Auk will wake up at the same time as you every morning ☀️

Hold the button for 5 seconds to reset the light cycle:
In the herbs & salad plant program, Auk will have the light on for the next 16 hours and off for the following 8 hours in phases 2-5. Phase 1 is different - then, the light is on for 12 hours.

For the tomato & chili program, the light will be on for 12 hours in phase 1, 16 hours in phase 2, 14 hours in phase 3, and 12 hours in phases 4 and 5. 

Example: You reset the light cycle one morning at 7 am. The light will be on for the next 16 hours, before switching itself off at 11 pm. 8 hours later, at 7 am, it will turn on again and follow the same rhythm.