Most herbs and salads are ready for harvesting after 4-7 weeks, depending on the room’s temperature. We recommend a temperature between 20-26 Celsius for optimal growth. If it's colder at your place it could take a bit more time for them to grow up. 

Watch this video or read the article below for harvesting tips:


Prune the herbs top-down:

You should trim most herbs (such as basil, oregano, mint, thyme and rosemary) top-down. For the best result, you cut right above the nodes where a new pair of leaves are growing out:

The plants do photosynthesis in their leaves, so new leaves will start growing out if you only cut off some of the leaves top-down. You should avoid cutting off too much of the plant at once as this could lead to the plant dying.



You should trim some herbs from the bottom:

Some herbs (such as parsley and coriander) should be trimmed from the bottom - cutting off whole stems above the roots:

New stems will start growing as the leaves down by the roots get more light.


For salads such as rocket and romano, you can cut off the biggest leaves around the edges of the plant:

Make sure you don’t cut off the inner leaves, as these will make sure you get new growth to your plant.


Do you need to thin out your plant?

If you notice that one plant is taking up too much space, you could also trim herbs that should be pruned top-down by taking whole stems down above the roots.


Trim the plant before it flowers:

It is also essential that you cut the herbs before they bloom. When herbs bloom, they go into a new phase where the taste could get bad. Auk provides both light and nutrients that slow down the flowering, but it can not stop it completely; you have to do it with continuous trimming :)