When you're sowing, there are two essential things: where you place the seeds and how many seeds you use.

Watch this video or read the article below for tips, and to see how it turns out with a different number of seeds for the same plant:


You should place the seeds right below the surface of the soil:

Most seeds should be placed right below the surface of the soil. By doing that, you make sure the seeds get enough moisture from the soil; it's moisture that makes the seeds sprout.

You will get the best result if you spread the seeds evenly in the pot, but it doesn't have to follow an exact pattern.

How many seeds should you use?

If you want to harvest a lot from your plants early, you should sow plenty of seeds. We recommend these amounts for the different plants:

Basil: 20-40 seeds per pot

Arugula/rocket: 30-50 seeds per pot

Parsley: 20-40 seeds per pot

Romain lettuce: 5-10 seeds per pot

Oregano: 40-60 seeds per pot

Coriander: 20-40 seeds per pot

Rosemary: 20-40 seeds per pot

Chives: 70-100 seeds per pot

Mint: 40-60 seeds per pot

Thyme: 40-60 seeds per pot

Tomato and chili: 2-3 seeds per pot

If you use fewer seeds, you will get fewer plants, but each plant will have bigger leaves as they get more light. Using fewer seeds will be a good choice if you are not going to harvest that much at once. 

As we continue to expand our selection of seeds, we'll update the recommendations. In the meantime, we recommend that you follow the instructions on the package - but there is nothing wrong with trying different amounts either :)

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