1. Use the correct number of seeds (instructions on the back of the seed packet)
  2. Spread the seeds evenly over the pots
  3. Press the seeds down into the soil


Watch the video or check out the points below for more info :)



When using Auk-seeds, you get a description of how many and how to sow them. Try to use about as many as stated on the back.


If you are using your own seeds or seeds from another supplier, you can view the recommended number of seeds on the product page of each seed type.


1: Check the back of the seed packet for the number of seeds

The back of the seed packet has useful info for each seed type.


2: Open the packet and take out the seeds

It doesn’t need to be exactly the right amount, but try to get it about right


3: Spread the seeds evenly across the pots

Spread the seeds evenly in every pot, and avoid too many seeds at the same spot


4. Push the seeds a bit down into the soil.

After all, it's the moisture that makes them sprout, so make sure they get a bit down into the soil :)

Use your finger or a tool, as long as the seeds go a bit down into the soil and are exposed to moisture, it should be fine.


Last but not least, don't be afraid to experiment!

Each plant is unique, and it's not that important to get it perfect the first time. Try out different seed types and amounts, and enjoy the process (it's part of the fun with growing).

Good luck with your plants!