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Congrats with your new Auk! Here's how you set it up :) 

1. Pour coconut soil into the pots

Tip: To avoid spilling, you can fill the pots in the box

You'll find two bags of coconut soil inside the water tank. One bag is enough to fill three pots.

NB: Make sure that the Auk is level

NB 2: Don’t place the Auk in direct sunlight (the plants don't like that much heat)

 2. Place your pots in the Auk

You can insert the pots the way you want.

3. Mount the plant light

Screw the candle holders into the base plate and insert the USB plug into the LED light. Then thread the light down the pins.

Tip: You can push the cord down into the hole it emerges from.

4. Remove the stickers and insert the nutrient capsules

Remember to remove the sticker before you insert the nutrient capsules.

Pull the arms to the centre of the nutrient capsules so that they hit the raised area. The arms will adjust down and tighten the first time the Auk dispenses nutrients.

5. Install the ball and valve in the water tank


First, drop the ball in, and then install the valve. Ensure the valve is oriented correctly (aligned to the guided pin), and gently push down the valve.



6. Install the water tank and fill it up

: Plants prefer room temperature water. Make sure it's not too cold, so the plants don't freeze ❄️


7. Sow your seeds

Place the seeds slightly below the surface of the soil. They just have to get sufficient moisture - it's moisture that makes them sprout.

You will find recommendations for the number of seeds on the back of the seed packets or on the product page for each seed.

See this article for more information on how to sow for the best result.


8. Plug in the power supply and start up the Auk

: In some cases, Auk could need some extra help reading the chip. If you do not get a reaction right away, try to rotate it and test both sides of the plant chip, and it will read it. 


Yay! That's it; Auk will now take care of your plants.

Note: remember to level your Auk, and adjust the plant light about 10 cm above the plants at all times :)


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Good luck with your plants! :)