Frequently asked questions about nutrition:

  1. How often do I need to change my nutrient capsules? It depends on how fast it grows. The faster it grows and the bigger the plants are, the more often you need to refill the water and replace the nutrient capsules. Therefore, if you have large plants, you may need to change the nutrient capsules more often.
  2. Why do I get a different number of capsules in the box for herbs/salad and tomato/chili? The different plant programs use different amounts of nutrients. Therefore, more red capsules are included in the nutrition pack for chili and tomato.
  3. Are the capsules empty, but the light doesn't indicate it? Unfortunately, we have seen that the nutrient light can inaccurately measure when the nutrient capsules are empty. If you see an empty capsule, you can replace it right away. It's also okay if it is without nutrients for a while :)

You can get more nutrient capsules here

When the nutrient capsule button blinks, it's time to replace one or more of the nutrient capsule(s).


How to replace nutrient capsules:


Step 1: Remove the water tank


Step 2: Remove the empty nutrient capsule(s)


Step 3: Insert a new capsule

NB: Remember to remove the sticker first :)


Step 4: Lock the arm over the nutrient capsule


Step 5: Put the water tank back on - and voilá!