Frequently asked questions about nutrition:

1. How often do I need to change or refill nutrition? This depends on how fast your plants are growing. Fast-growing and large plants will require more frequent refills of water and nutrients. The nutrition indicator light can be inaccurate when the nutrition is empty, so check the capsules when you refill the water. If one capsule is empty, just fill it and put it back in.

2. The capsules are empty, but Auk didn't let me know. The nutrition indicator light can sometimes be inaccurate, and we recommend that you check the capsules when you refill water. The plants will be fine without nutrition for a week or so – there’s no need to worry :)

3. The nutrition capsule arms seem loose or have moved to the side? They will automatically adjust when it's time for the next dose of nutrition. If one of the arms has moved to the side, pull it back to the center of the capsule and Auk will take care of the rest. 

You can get nutrient refills here


How to replace or refill nutrient capsules:


Step 1: Remove the water tank


Step 2: Remove the empty nutrient capsule(s)


Step 3: Refill the capsule and place it back in

Remember to remove the sticker first if you're using a new capsule. 


Step 4: Lock the arm over the nutrient capsule


Step 5: Put the water tank back on - and voila!