In summary:

  • Some plants grow faster than others.
  • You can grow plants that grow at different speeds simultaneously, but make sure they all receive enough light, as this is crucial for plant growth.
  • Do some plants steal a lot of light? Trim them down, move their pots to the side, and shift the smaller plants to the center.
  • Keep the light about 10 cm above the plants to ensure they get enough light.
  • The speed at which plants grow depends on the temperature - the warmer, the better, so aim for 20 degrees Celsius or higher.

Some plants grow faster than others, and the fastest-growing ones typically become larger and "steal" light from the smaller ones. Some plants that grow quickly are arugula and leaf parsley. Basil and oregano might grow more slowly (tip! oregano seeds need light to germinate - do not cover them with soil).

An example of faster-growing plants taking most of the light:

Here, arugula and leaf parsley receive a lot of light while the basil is in the shade. The solution is to move the basil to the center and trim the plants around it so they don't cast shadows.

It's possible to grow plants with different growth rates simultaneously, but you need to ensure they all get enough light. If you notice one plant growing slower than the rest, place it in the center directly under the light, where it will receive more light and grow faster. You can trim the larger plants if they cast a shadow over the smaller ones.

You can also use support sticks to keep the largest plants in place. (included in our gardener kit)

If a plant doesn't get enough light, it will grow very slowly or, in the worst case, stop growing altogether, as plants depend on light to photosynthesize. Remember that the plant light should be about 10 cm above the plants.

The speed of plant growth also depends on temperature - the warmer, the better. It should be at least 20 degrees Celsius - if it's 18 degrees Celsius or colder, growth will be very slow, or the plants may even stop growing.

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