In summary:

  • You can grow plants with different growth rates, but make sure they get enough light (this is crucial for plant growth).
  • Do some plants steal a lot of light? Trim them down, or even move them to the side
  • Keep the light about 4 inches (10 cm) above the plants
  • The speed at which plants grow depends on the temperature - the warmer, the better, so aim for 69°F (20-21°C) or higher. 


A typical problem is that fast-growers (e.g. arugula and leaf parsley) "steal" light from the smaller ones, by leaving them in the shadow. Basil and oregano often grow slower in the beginning, so be vigilant.


An example of faster-growing plants taking most of the light:

Here, arugula and leaf parsley receive a lot of light while the basil is in the shade. The solution is to trim the bigger plants (and consider moving the basil to the center if you have Auk 1). 


You can grow plants with different growth rates, but make sure they all get enough light 

If you notice one plant growing slower than the rest, make sure it gets direct light by trimming the bigger plants if they're casting shadows. 

You can also use support sticks to keep the largest plants in place (included in our gardener kit).

If a plant doesn't get enough light, it will grow very slowly, as plants depend on light to photosynthesize. Remember that the plant light should be about 4 inches (10 cm) above the plants.


The speed of plant growth also depends on temperature - the warmer, the better 

The optimal temperature is 71-77°F (22-25°C), and anything above 69°F (20-21°C) is great! If it's below 66°F (19°C), the plants will grow very slowly.

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